The Importance of the Vacation


When I view my past travels, never once did I view them as a vacation (except for family trips growing up). It’s a word that I feel denotes the experience of travel. I’m not a vacationer, but a traveler. Ironically, sitting here at the Deep Ellum Hostel in downtown Dallas, Texas, I want to say thank goodness I’m on vacation.

Dallas, deep vellum, travel Texas, deep ellum hostel
Charming, right?

As soon as I reached the hostel last night, still in my Philly skin, I realized it would be okay to wake up the tomorrow with that skin shed. I haven’t let my guard down completely, but I’m embracing the idea of being more open to conversations with new people and going random places (as long as they have some appeal!)

While I’m slightly nervous, I’m actually excited to give it a shot.

You see, in Philly, I can’t leave my house without asking myself «Who the hell is gonna f$@! with me today?» Most days are okay, but when you’ve accumulated experiences like mine, you can’t help but wonder. Anyways, while every city has its problems, my goal is to wander without that mindset this next week.

Frankly, I forgot what it feels like want to connect with new experiences and hopefully this week sets a mind space where I can let go, have fun, and recharge (because how else am I gonna handle the real world when I get back?)

Deep ellum photography, Texas travel, visit Dallas, Dallas mural art
On a morning photo stroll through Deep Ellum

As I began, the importance of a vacation. What is it? As a traveler, I’ve never appreciated the idea of calling a trip a vacation, but when I randomly smiled for no reason this morning, I realized that it’s okay to be on vacation. That’s why this vacation is important to me.

What about you?


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