Travel Back: Vibrant Mexico, 2015


I’ve decided I’m done with winter. It not only inhibits my desire to enjoy life (boo!), but it’s beginning to take its toll on my mental and physical health.

I’ve wrote less, have been publishing less, and in general feel less motivation to get life done.

& for now, I’m stuck with another two months of cold.

In the meantime, I figured I’d bring some warmth, sunshine, and travel appreciation to the gallery.

It’s a new series I call, «Travel Back» — where I take you and I back to a time in travel history.

With the season getting me down, I’ve chosen my 2015 Mexico trip to take us on a bright journey in the Yucatan.

A flat photography of a wall along the streets of Progreso, Mexico. progreso-progreso-beach-playa-yucatan-beaches-tourist-visit-mexico-photography-blue-sky-bright-flowers
A blue sky and bright flowers pop against a dusty wall along the streets of Progreso, Mexico.

At the time when I went, I was in my very first Spanish class. Little did I know it would lead to my love of Latin American culture and desire to continue learning Spanish.

Mérida, a capital city of the Yucatan, was my first immersive experience in Latin America. From there, I explored the surrounding areas and ruins with a group from my community college.

(click photos to enlarge)


Dzibilchaltún, 30 minutes North of Mérida, offered a dip in a glowing cenote with a seemingly never-ending depth.

Another cenote was deep in a cave — where my photography skills could not keep up with the dark, gleaming waters.

The tour led us around a huge henequen plantation. We started in a main house, saw the production centers, and then rode through a winding field of henequen that ended at the entrance of the cave.

1-hacienda-wheels-henequen-tour-merida-mexico-history-tours-historichacienda wheels
A rail line runs through the plantation, used to transport henequen from the fields to the production center.

Last but not least, the photos that bring me my favorite kind of nostalgia — sunny days at the beach. While we did go to Cancun, these photos are from Progreso, North of Mérida.


Simply looking at these photos makes me ready to go back somewhere warm and beautiful. The winter may not be over for awhile, but these photos remind me of what kinda of place makes me happy and how I can someday live it.

Mexico, as a travel destination, inspired me at the start of a journey that continues for me today.


The experience of Mexican culture alongside the great people from CCP made the week-long trip an irreplaceable experience that I can only travel back to through the screen.


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