Meet Bianca: An Expat New Yorker In Shanghai, China

Welcome to the Solo Female Traveler Series! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to travel and become an expat in Shanghai, China, you’re in luck today! This series features solo female travel experiences drawn from across the globe, featuring long and short-term travels and moves abroad. Taking on the globe as a solo femaleSigue leyendo «Meet Bianca: An Expat New Yorker In Shanghai, China»

Want to Start A Travel Blog? Read These 13 Blog Posts First

The art of travel blogging is more than just uploading text and pretty pictures. It takes work to get it right from the beginning. That’s why I created this list of the 13 most informative and inspiring blog posts that helped me start my travel blog right. If you’re serious and want to start a travel blog, take a look — I promise you won’t regret it.

The Best Everyday (& Free) Bank Account for U.S. Expats Out To Discover The World

Looking for a free and convenient bank while traveling internationally or living as an expat abroad? Unexpected fees and declined cards should be the least of your worries. Check out the Capital One 360 checking account — it might be perfect bank account for you.

3 Months of Consistent Writing & 3 Notable Improvements

Writing Because we all have to give ourselves some credit Photo from Kayla Meets Culture Instagram I started writing on Medium in December of 2019 with a goal of posting twice a week. While I haven’t always kept my goal, I’m making strides in regards to my writing skills, style, and voice. Some writers say youSigue leyendo «3 Months of Consistent Writing & 3 Notable Improvements»

The Comment Section, Travel, and COVID 19

COVID 19 Get Your Popcorn & Wine Ready Yes, we should stop traveling for the moment — but we need to respect other’s situations. (Photo by Kayla Meets Culture) I’m a part of one of the largest solo female travel groups on FaceBook. I don’t participate much, but I enjoy living vicariously through other solo female travelers while ISigue leyendo «The Comment Section, Travel, and COVID 19»