Rosa’s Inspirational Sticky Notes

Rosa's Pizza

On my last visit to Rosa’s, a pizza shop that feeds the homeless through its sticky-note fueled pay-it-forward model, these notes directly in front of me spoke volumes.

A big thanks to Slendy P.B. for your message.

(A note: forgive my imperfect Spanish)

& enjoy


Hello. The waiter is very friendly. I’m from Colombia and from Spain. Slendy P.B. 


American citizens and non-American citizens, I want you to know something: »You work too much.» You should live more and better.


»Work so you can live and don’t live so can work.» Citizens of the USA, you don’t have many extra hours. Live life. «

Going to Rosa’s in Philly is always the best! Not only is it unique, but it’s delicious pizza on a positive mission.

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