It’s Life Outside the Margin’s 6-Month Blogiversary!

While not my first blog-writing rodeo, this month I get to celebrate the 6-month blogiversary of Life Outside the Margins!

Six months ago I started this blog, uncertain yet focused on bringing it to life. Looking back, I’m excited to continue creating because these past six months have given me a taste of what I can do with my words, my thoughts, and my life.

I feel for the first time life isn’t stepping in to prevent me from writing out of passion.

And when I say life, I mean school. While I loved college and learning, I spent all my time writing papers to the point my fingers ached. Writing for my blog felt tedious and overwhelming, especially as someone trying to graduate at the top of her class.

College Grad

While I’m a nerd and loved college, it kept me from my other passions.

For example, as a college drop-out in 2014, I was fully committed as a creator — that was my first trial in blogging. A blog that, unfortunately, I’m locked out of today. Forever a digital reminder of my passions and the best time of my life.


I also had a youtube channel when I was growing as a professional hoop dancer. 

Then later in 2016, I created this blog: a clean slate. Yet it really didn’t get started until May 2018, when I decided I would commit to my blog.
Now, I have time to write and explore my creative trade which I don’t see coming to a stop.

It’s been amazing to share my blog and develop my practice. Someday I hope to see my content curated to a T, with on-point branding, and thousands upon thousands of visitors.

I’ve always known I had stories to share, both from my past and current endeavors, and now I don’t feel restrained to share them.
Cheers to what these past six months have brought and to what is to come! Here is a gallery with some of my favorites since May! I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far ~

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