Want to Start A Travel Blog? Read These 13 Blog Posts First

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If you’re serious to start a travel blog that will generate opportunity, you have to get off on the right foot. 

It takes LOTS of work, which is why I suggest gathering as much information on starting a travel blog before you actually start a travel blog.

Social media, SEO, or even just getting your page live!

It all takes work and time, as I explain in a post about learning to blog as a beginner. 

With so much to consider in starting a travel blog, I compiled this list of blog posts related to travel blogging and general blogging need-to-knows to aid you! 

13 Posts You Need To Read Before You Start A Travel Blog


How To Actually Start A Travel Blog:

If you want to become a travel blogger, you need a blog, right?! 

1. Create Your Blog

From the World of a Wanderer, learn the most important steps to getting your site live!

While I personally use SiteGround as my blog host, her post offers valuable information on how to get set-up and ready to blog!

2. Goals to Conquer in Your First Three Months 

Ready to go live?! Alright!

Now that you’re set to share a fabulous plethora of information via blogging, think — how are you going to get noticed? 

What steps are you going to take to get organized and think about your blog in the longer-term?

This post by The SITS Girl covers all you’ll need to consider early on in your blogging marathon.

Content Creation:

So you have a travel blog? Great! Now comes creating content that converts readers, followers, and a community! If you’re looking for content inspiration and motivation, the blog posts below are sure to move you into action!

3. Create Content That Stands Out

I found this post from Happy To Wander really inspirational in regards to thinking about content that represents you, while considering who you are writing for! My favorite aspect of her post are the action steps she includes to make you DO IT! 

4. 20 Travel Blog Post Ideas For When You’re Not Traveling

Don’t know what to write about? Lists of prompts are great to inspire your ideas and give you something to write when you have no idea what to write about! Thank you, Emily Becca!

Productivity Tips to Start A Travel Blog:

Blogging is a conglomerate of tasks from managing social media, creating content, finding collaboration opportunities to updating old content. There’s so much good information out there on productivity and it comes down to finding out what works for you. 

5. Scheduling for Your Blog and Social Media

One aspect of blogging that is crucial to your productivity, is to get organized and create a plan! I love this post by Shailaja V on designing your own creator calendar and managing your time across tasks. It’s not just insight into her timeline, but will give you ideas on how to organize your precious time and maximize your productivity. 

6. Blog Tasks You Can Achieve in 20 Minutes 

Eden Fried’s list of tasks you can accomplish in just 20-minutes will inspire you to take advantage of the short periods of time when you’re short on time!


While coding isn’t a necessary skill in today’s blogging world laced with pre-made themes and easily customizable templates, you might find yourself needing simple codes every once in a while.

For example, the text you see in the about me section of my sidebar is stubborn and will un-center itself if I edit that section. Even worse, there’s no simple text-centering button to re-center it.

But with code, I can go to the HTML text section and re-center it.

7. An Overview of Essential HTML Codes for Blogging

This blog post from Dana Nicole Designs offers a great introduction to HTML codes you may find useful in your blogging journey! 

Important Lessons from Other Travel Bloggers:

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! Isn’t that what sparks most journeys?

8. One Year Blogging Experience — Lessons Learned

I love the honesty in the post by Tripsget. As with any journey we pursue, we learn from our mistakes and I find sharing our mistakes to be valuable in helping others. Help yourself and take a look. 

9. Making Money Travel  Blogging

Just One Way Ticket’s post all about how she’s made money traveling the globe will be sure to give you ideas on how you too can make money while doing what you love. She takes you through her blogging journey from the beginning to the current day — it’s quite a ride! 

10. 15 Bloggers Tell Their Stories

If you haven’t gotten enough from the above travel blogger stories, One Way Ticket offers yet another great post featuring 15 travel bloggers and how they incorporate blogging into their international lives. 



Aside from creating great content and managing an amazing website, you’ll have to get seen — and there’s a variety of methods to be seen. 

11. Pinterest For Travel Bloggers

This post by Somto Seeks is a great introduction on how to use Pinterest effectively and bring traffic to your travel blog. 

If you’re planning on travel blogging you’ll discover a trend among not just travel bloggers, but almost ALL bloggers — they use Pinterest! 

12. Pleasing the Google Gods with Domain Authority

No matter how many articles or forums I read on Domain Authority, I’m never certain on its actual influence on Google rankings. I still find myself appearing in searches despite a low DA. 

Nonetheless, it’s something to consider as you start your blogging journey and something I’m striving to better. This post from The Life Of A Glasgow Girl is sure to entertain and inform you on simple ways to build your DA!

13. SEO For Travel Bloggers

As I mentioned above, I still appear in searches despite by low DA. I attribute this to my use of SEO. In order to help your travel blog appear in Google searches (especially if your post is very niche), SEO is necessary to help the long-term value of your blog. 

YTravel writes an informative article that goes beyond keyword research, but shares mistakes you might make using SEO and how to take advantage of SEO from the get-go. Seriously, go check it out! This article adds value in the sea of SEO articles out there and will help you start a travel blog with success! 


14. The Best Free Resource List For New Travel Bloggers

This isn’t a blog post, but it’s the greatest free list of worksheets a new travel blogger could come by, thanks to Jessie On A Journey.

I recently got started with her worksheets and created an about page I’m finally proud of! I plan to keep utilizing this resource list she generously made to help inspire other travel bloggers. Thank you, Jessie!

Last Words.

Phew, if you made it through this list without spending an additional few hours doing further research on topics you’ve discovered in today’s post — thanks for sticking around! 


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