Want to Start A Travel Blog? Read These 13 Blog Posts First

The art of travel blogging is more than just uploading text and pretty pictures. It takes work to get it right from the beginning. That’s why I created this list of the 13 most informative and inspiring blog posts that helped me start my travel blog right. If you’re serious and want to start a travel blog, take a look — I promise you won’t regret it.

My Decision to Leave the United States: The Whys and Hows

I’ll always remember the moment I thought, ‘’It would be cool to leave the United States someday.¨ I was in the driveway of the house I grew up as a teenager. Ten years later, I’m certain that teenager would be satisfied knowing that’s what she’s actually doing now. I used to think the American dreamSigue leyendo «My Decision to Leave the United States: The Whys and Hows»

Young, Broke, & Want to Invest? Why Choose Robinhood

Investing: Something I knew I would always end up doing — it was just a matter of when. And based on the logic of investing, it was time I started at 24. (Disclosure: Robinhood offers a referral program and both of us earn a free stock if you sign-up.) It’s kinda hilarious to think aboutSigue leyendo «Young, Broke, & Want to Invest? Why Choose Robinhood»

List it: My Top Three Goals for 2019

It’s that time of the year again — the end of it. With New Year’s coming, I only have three goals for 2019. Instead of resolutions, goals keep me focused on the bigger picture.   While it can be hard to stick to meeting goals, by publishing them, telling people about them, and putting them somewhereSigue leyendo «List it: My Top Three Goals for 2019»

How to Book a Spontaneous Trip on a Budget

Ahh, the travel bug — it comes to haunt us all, doesn’t it? A few weeks ago, it influenced me to book a spontaneous trip with any serious consideration. And I did it for less than $150. Unsure of where to travel next and on a budget, I took to Google Flights to determine mySigue leyendo «How to Book a Spontaneous Trip on a Budget»

5 Beginner Blog Tips From One Newbie to Another

While I’ve learned a lot from professional bloggers, sometimes it’s good to take advice from people who more relatable. Here are 5 beginner blog tips to guide you on your blog journey! While I’ve blogged in the past, I’m only six months into my professional journey and am learning a ton on what it actuallySigue leyendo «5 Beginner Blog Tips From One Newbie to Another»

Why I Chose to Avoid the 9-5 After College

While a 9-5 can bring security, it’s not a lifestyle for everyone — and certainly not one for me. Learn why I chose to avoid the 9 to 5 after college.  Knowing that I wanted to avoid the 9-5 grind, graduating college brought new challenges and job-seeking strategies I wasn’t taught to maneuver. College mightSigue leyendo «Why I Chose to Avoid the 9-5 After College»