5 Beginner Blog Tips From One Newbie to Another

While I’ve learned a lot from professional bloggers, sometimes it’s good to take advice from people who more relatable. Here are 5 beginner blog tips to guide you on your blog journey!

While I’ve blogged in the past, I’m only six months into my professional journey and am learning a ton on what it actually is like to be a pro blogger!

beginner blog tips
Blogging skills, from photography to writing, are all practices we curate over time.

As I keep growing my brand and exploring what it means for me to be a blogger, here are five tips I want to give new bloggers as they find their place in the blog-o-sphere.

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which allow me to earn a sale commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase!)

Don’t stress over your niche

Heard it a million times: find your niche. And I get it, but don’t stress over it.

I still have time struggling with my niche. I’ve been discovering my niche through the content I write versus creating content around a niche.
So far, it seems my audience is people in their 20’s with entrepreneurial and adventurous spirits. Vague, but still getting me somewhere. As I develop my specific niche, I’m keeping this audience in mind.

Can’t define a niche? Define a theme.

Write down words that describe your content — do you see a theme in those words? Maybe a couple themes? I define my themes as travel and lifestyle.

Another way to generate a theme is to brainstorm a list of blog posts you’d enjoy writing and seeing what comes out of those ideas.
beginner blog tips
It’s important to create content we like. Sure, some days we don’t feel like lifting a finger on a keyboard, but if you don’t enjoy the content, why do it?

My best tip: let your niche come to you.  

Blogs take time to grow no matter what, so if your niche isn’t present in every piece of writing from the beginning, don’t stress.

Adapt Your Content

One thing I’m starting to realize: I’m a writer and photographer trapped in a blogger’s world.
At times I post things I want to write about and they fall flat when shared. Sometimes I edit some of my favorite travel photos only to reach a virtually absent audience.

beginner blog tips
I take pride in my photography despite falling flat when shared on social.

This is a beginner blogger tip that I know can be disheartening, but it’s something you must remember. The thing is, it’s about pleasing your audience and creating content they’ll enjoy.

As mentioned before, you should like (and hopefully love) what you blog about. The primary direction of your blog begins with you.

Yet as time goes, if your content doesn’t seem to be cutting it, try taking more directions to get it there. Get inspiration from social sites and blogger groups. Pinpoint what isn’t working, change it, and see what happens. Try new things!

This is the stage I’m in at the moment, trying to find the balance between content that performs and content that represents myself as a writer. And I’ll admit, my writing style has certainly had to change to meet the demands of the internet (and my audience).

As you go in writing and creating content, remember that it is subject to shift and take new directions.

Set Your Posts Up Right

As you add content to your blog, try to do it right from the start. Make sure everything you publish is categorized, has relevant tags, SEO keywords, and links to social media. By making sure your blog and blog content are organized, it’s easy to find on your website and it looks more appealing.

In addition, imagery is key to every story told. Use images that compliment your story and feature images that share well over other social media platforms.

Screenshot 2018-10-21 at 11.21.27 AM
I love this image because it looks great on my website slider and shares well over social media.

As a beginner blogger, I’m still learning how to implement all the best practices! While I’m learning a lot, here’s a checklist with some more ways to further complete your posts.

Doing these things will help you have all your content organized and looking presentable AND will save you the time in the future!

Invest in your education

If your goal is to make blogging a business, investing in it is important. Also, check out those tax deductions.

I’m frugal with what I invest in but I’m not afraid to pay for things I know will help me achieve my goals.

After being influenced by numerous bloggers, I broke and bought a $97 steal of a bloggers bundle. I made the commitment because I’m ready to learn how to make my dream a reality.

A stock photo from the ultimate blogger’s toolkit by @elleymay

No regrets — it’s an awesome bundle. With it, I probably won’t have to invest in another course for a while. Just in this past week, I’ve learned more about affiliate marketing than I expected and understand it in ways I couldn’t before!

In fact, I just partnered with my first affiliate a few weeks ago: MyTEFL. Their English teaching certification program has me set to find work teaching abroad!
online TEFL
If you’ve considered teaching abroad, I would recommend the myTEFL 120-hour professional course! Please feel free to ask any questions about it, but anyway, back on track.

If you’re not sure about what to invest it, ask yourself what purpose it serves and how necessary it is at the time.

There are also tons of free courses offered by bloggers where you can learn a little bit on a subject and can buy later. Free courses are inspiring and connect you with other bloggers! I highly suggest free courses — I’ve taken plenty of them!

In addition to courses by bloggers, Udemy, an online learning platform, offers courses on anything you could want to learn. I highly suggest checking out Udemy when they have flash sales where courses can be as little as $12.
If you’re serious about being a professional blogger (or any kind of professional for that matter), take this beginner blog tip as gospel: education is key.

Don’t Forget It’s A Process

This piece of advice isn’t unique, but it’s certainly what we need to keep in mind. Keep to it and good things will come. Putting together small building blocks will eventually lead to whatever amazing creation you want to manifest.


Did my beginner blog tips help?

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Blogging Tips for Beginners
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