Anthony Bourdain: Remembering an Inspiration

Anthony Bourdain

A year ago if you had asked me ‘’What would your ultimate career look like?’’ I would have answered, ‘’I want to have a travel show like Anthony Bourdain and show people the world.’’

While I don’t feel right to respond that way anymore, his worldly pursuits and tales of the globe will always influence my travels and career.
Hearing the news that Anthony Bourdain killed himself seemed unreal. And I know many of us didn’t want to believe it.

He shown us the world’s sabores (flavors), gente (people), y culturas (cultures) and to me (and hopefully you), inspired us to be a part of them.
Anthony Bourdain
The way he told stories, related with people, and immersed himself into the world’s ways motivated cultural understanding — connecting with the globe to show us how we share the same planet and joys in life.

Another layer that made his travel show so amazing was his concern for social life. It wasn’t just him that made his show what it was, but the charismatic, talented, and inspiring people he introduced us to. He made his show about people and their lives, weaving together words that encapsulate you there with them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t actually be there to taste the food.

While the man himself may have left the world, he left the world a priceless vision. He allowed us to empathize with the struggles of others, learn about global customs and tradition-breakers, and dream about food we’ll probably never get to it eat.

His words still voyage social media, reflecting on current struggles, inspiring living, and influencing deep-thought.

His inspiration will always have a place in my work. From writing about my love of food to my stories about unexpected accidents.

Anthony Bourdain may have been a travel show host of many, but he stood out like a comet in a night sky — cultivating awe and asking us to wish for more.  

Feature photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, published by Green Fort Focus. No changes made. Source and copyright rules. 

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