Dear College,

Dear College,
You’ve held control over me for too long. It’s time for me to branch out, to pursue my creative endeavors, and to take all you taught me and apply it to the world. I’m not gonna lie, I’m so happy you’re outta my life (almost).  Today, the last day of school, suits the release of this post well. 

I loved school and know I’ll come back someday, but this feeling has got to be one the the best. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I know a lot of seniors dread this, but I’m ready. Hell, I’ve been ready. This entire semester I’ve felt like a bull eager to burst out the gate.
There’s something about being a former drop-out that makes graduating so special. I didn’t give up completely even though I gave myself the chance. Now, I’m in my last week of finals and am awaiting my decked out graduation regalia (okay, so I’m borrowing a cap n’ gown, but I’m being inducted in the Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society and will be getting those lovely honors chords). 

Table Mountain
Couldn’t have hiked Table Mountain without Uni!

I’ve been ready to start this blog and now that I have down time (ish), and I really wanted to make this first post before graduation. I’m hoping that after, my personal writing here has a chance to develop and take off.
My writing is not just personal though, it may be my thoughts and experiences, but they apply beyond myself. They are here for others to consider. I hope to inspire people as I write, as I look for a job, as I adventure to Panama, and as I just continue doing my thing.
Ultimately, I want this blog to be a voice for my generation and our goals, and for how we must navigate the current society. I don’t know if I believe in the current system. Honestly, after I saw Donald Trump get elected my thought was, “why am I trying so hard to be smart when Trump can just go be President by running his mouth?” What’s the point of an educated world when bigotry still wins in the most absurd of ways? Yet here I am, still graduating, still nerding out, and still hoping to make a difference in a world I have little faith in.
My six years of college spread over four different institutions has been a real special one. I’ve been able to meet students from so many backgrounds and have been able to experience them in different contexts (from the location to the classroom). Here I am now focusing on my very last assignments before my diploma reaches my (achy from typing) hands.
So college, you might be a money trap (at least in my country), but you’ve helped me appreciate education and the opportunities that come with it. I stayed in school because I knew that there were others who would take the same advantage if they could. I made the most of you while I was here. Maybe sometimes I didn’t appreciate you, but by now, I realize I paid too damn much not to appreciate you. Also, I’ve learned much more about where I want myself to be in the world — and even though I can’t say “what” I want to become for sure, you’ve put me off to a great start and helped develop the perspective I’ll carry into my future (and probably grad school).

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