Another Trip in the Books

I just spent a month in South Africa I’m finding it a bit hard to believe, everything that has happened. It all happened so fast. This time traveling was different than in the past.

There were two other conditions that really made this one different though: it was a school program and I was with the same ten people for an entire month.
My comment on the first is that I will probably never have a similar experience again. The month of studying abroad and within a set program sets it apart. It went against the grain of my prior traveling experience (I had to act less dumb, if something happened, it was my university who would have an issue on their hands).
It was a unique experience to because it was for journalism despite the fact I’m not in the major. I will always appreciate how I got to see their work executed although I also now question how they are taught. Perhaps I’ve taken too many sociology courses (if that’s possible).
Next up, being with the same people for an entire month. Jesus. As it comes to the last day, I look back and think of the experience and it feels like nothing. Although I did have my moments when I needed my own space and to not feel like I was being spoken for, these feelings have faded to nothing.
I will say I felt it did have an affect on my method of traveling too. I’m so much more used to be surrounded by locals and hanging with them. Sometimes it felt hard to break that mentality of having to spend time with those you came with. Like no, you don’t.
In the last few nights I’ve been here I’m finally breaking out and hanging around more locals than my own. Of course, tomorrow, I am leaving.
Goodbye South Africa. I look forward to getting home and getting into a headspace where I can truly reflect on these experiences more and return back to my own state of independence.

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