A Blessed Life

Months ago I bought a ticket to London with my school refund money….the fact is, traveling is education in itself. Id rather work to pay my rent and other things in order to have this….these two weeks abroad with my best friend.

I’ve been here for about five days now…seen Big Ben, the London Eye, witnessed Jackie meet her favorite rapper G-Eazy, went to Buckingham Palace….only to name a few. There’s still all of tomorrow to explore London some more.
On Tuesday we leave for Paris….I can’t believe it…for two nights we’ll be couchsurfing with my friend Marion….a French girl I once couchsurfed with in Dallas. I remember her telling me that she would host me someday in Paris and it’s really happening!
I’m not quite sure what else I want to say. It’s not much fun to type on a kindle and nor can I upload any photos to share….but as I said to you and myself, I would be here to write in London. The point is, I’m extremely grateful to be here and sharing the experience with my best friend and all the new people I have gotten to meet here.

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