Blog: Why Take Chances?

Cape Town, South Africa
Chances are opportunities that may only come once. When I choose to go to South Africa, I took a chance on a personal and educational level. I am not a journalism student despite this being a journalism class and have been able to experience, learn, and do work beyond what I felt I could have done if I stayed in Philadelphia over the summer.
This was my last and only chance to study abroad while in college and I am beyond glad I took it. This program has allowed me to push the boundaries of what college is by pushing me out of my cultural, social, and educational boundaries all at once.
Since coming to Cape Town, I now understand why some students felt Johannesburg reminded them of Philadelphia (at first I didn’t agree). In comparison to Cape Town, Johannesburg has it’s own sense of ‘realness’ that I don’t find here.

Hiking Table Mountain
Hiking Table Mountain with Laura, Matt, and Beth (not in photo)

Cape Town is a wonderful place though. We stay in a quirky hotel above a lovely marketplace and are surrounded by beauty.  Seriously, Cape Town is geographically gorgeous and where we are staying is right by the ocean!
The most special thing for me so far in Cape Town has been hiking Table Mountain. It is one of the few hikes I have ever done and it was an experience I will never forget. It was rough, tiring, beautiful, and felt exhilarating to reach the top. It was also amazing to reconnect with nature, who knows when that chance will come again.
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