My Decision to Leave the United States: The Whys and Hows

I’ll always remember the moment I thought, ‘’It would be cool to leave the United States someday.¨ I was in the driveway of the house I grew up as a teenager. Ten years later, I’m certain that teenager would be satisfied knowing that’s what she’s actually doing now. I used to think the American dreamSigue leyendo «My Decision to Leave the United States: The Whys and Hows»

5 Things I’ve Learned Preparing for My First Backpacking Trip

I’m about to embark on my first backpacking trip solo. My prior travel experiences have built up to these next two months I’ll be spending in Costa Rica and Panama.  I’ll be on my own, speaking my second language, and going from destination to destination all while trying to keep it together. In general, itSigue leyendo «5 Things I’ve Learned Preparing for My First Backpacking Trip»

Packing It All Into Four Suitcases

Technically, it’s two suitcases, a backpack, and a large box I’m still seeking out. All the equivalent of four suitcases Amtrak allows. In one month, I’ll decide what goes in these spaces and expunge the rest of it to friends or donation stores. I’m leaving my life in Philadelphia for good.

Texas Magic

My camera did not get its fair share of capturing  Dallas and Austin. I took my camera out the very first day in Dallas and then not once after. With few photos to share, besides those I took on my phone and shared to Instagram, I’ve decided to challenge the notion a picture is worthSigue leyendo «Texas Magic»

The Importance of the Vacation

When I view my past travels, never once did I view them as a vacation (except for family trips growing up). It’s a word that I feel denotes the experience of travel. I’m not a vacationer, but a traveler. Ironically, sitting here at the Deep Ellum Hostel in downtown Dallas, Texas, I want to saySigue leyendo «The Importance of the Vacation»

Travel Back: Vibrant Mexico, 2015

I’ve decided I’m done with winter. It not only inhibits my desire to enjoy life (boo!), but it’s beginning to take its toll on my mental and physical health. I’ve wrote less, have been publishing less, and in general feel less motivation to get life done. & for now, I’m stuck with another two monthsSigue leyendo «Travel Back: Vibrant Mexico, 2015»

Young, Broke, & Want to Invest? Why Choose Robinhood

Investing: Something I knew I would always end up doing — it was just a matter of when. And based on the logic of investing, it was time I started at 24. (Disclosure: Robinhood offers a referral program and both of us earn a free stock if you sign-up.) It’s kinda hilarious to think aboutSigue leyendo «Young, Broke, & Want to Invest? Why Choose Robinhood»

List it: My Top Three Goals for 2019

It’s that time of the year again — the end of it. With New Year’s coming, I only have three goals for 2019. Instead of resolutions, goals keep me focused on the bigger picture.   While it can be hard to stick to meeting goals, by publishing them, telling people about them, and putting them somewhereSigue leyendo «List it: My Top Three Goals for 2019»

What Happened When I Studied Abroad in South Africa with Klein GO

The first time I studied abroad, I knew I wanted to study somewhere that offered the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. South Africa, with its history and stories, was the place to study for me  — not only learn, but challenge my personal skills and cultural perceptions. Urban International Storytelling, a summer study abroadSigue leyendo «What Happened When I Studied Abroad in South Africa with Klein GO»

My Learning Enterprises Summer In The Panamanian Countryside

When I initially applied to teach English, I knew I was taking a chance to change my world outlook and future goals. The opportunity to teach English in Panama with Learning Enterprises caught my eye over two years ago — flyers were scattered around Temple University, where I attended college. While I couldn’t apply toSigue leyendo «My Learning Enterprises Summer In The Panamanian Countryside»